Nice and clean with floor heating!

My wife told me she wants to move, she is sick of living in a dumpster or underground and she would like something clean for a change with a nice smell. I would say, she needs a new freetime activity or some more kids to get her mind of such things. But being the good... Continue Reading →

Regrets? I have a few – but one is kind of pending…

Look at me! Don't I look amazing?! Right, I do! And what would you think I should be doing with those looks, besides finishing my food? Right! Look for chicken! I am a rooster in the best age and ready for adventures to come! Funny thing is, I need to finish one adventure first and... Continue Reading →

How to get soup meat – a guide in 4 steps

Dear fellow cats, I heard you do have trouble with getting what you want - especially from tourists:┬áSoup-meat! Well, let me guide you to get what you want. First of all the circumstances have to be right: restaurant staff that doesn't care if you are there or doesn't see you tourists entering the restaurant on... Continue Reading →

Guardian of the shoes

Shall I or shall I not? Aaaaw I don't know how long I can pull myself together... Shoes... many shoes! Boy I love shoes! But what's the use of shoes if you can't chew them up? Look at this, I am in shoe paradise and it is quiet a task to decide which one to... Continue Reading →

Hold on guys, only one more meter!

That's us the kois of the Imperial Enclosure of Hue. You could say we are quite royal, but to my kowledge none of us has any kind of relation to the emperor of former times. We basically all came here for tourist entertainment.  Our life isn't bad, we get food, a lot when the Asian... Continue Reading →

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