Waiting for my ‘lazy-tourist-style’ sight seeing ride

Good morning guys! Today is a really special day. It’s my day off and now I get to see the sights of this amazing place I am currently working in. Let me explain: I came here to work for tourists - not with! I am bringing water to different essential places, so tourists can enjoy... Continue Reading →

Ever heard about barking tourists?

It's rainy season here which means there might be flooding, so you've got to choose carefully where to sleep. I am fortunate I can smell the rain minutes before it starts, but I can't smell the flood...  Poor choices let you end up wet. I go for the tin roof, it's nice and warm and... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget the cough-fee, please

Do you remember those days, when the breakfast at the hotel was rich and everybody indulged in it, whether it was in a doggy bag or fresh on the buffet. I always looked forward to those sunrise tourists leaving their neatly packed hotel breakfast behind or even better, those tourists totally in awe so they... Continue Reading →

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