Please stop screaming! I’m here to help!

Oh, hello! Yes, I can most certainly get that you just discovered me in your 5 star deluxe hotel room! But screaming for your husband won't most certainly help you! Actually I am part of the hotel's service: I keep your room malaria free and if there is no malaria around than I'll keep it... Continue Reading →

Shoe-shopping: next time I’ll go by myself again!

Honestly, this wasn't the deal! I was really excited when you told me you wanted to come along. But I should have known better. Once we turned the corner, you saw this car and now I am stuck here for 30 minutes already! This is way longer than you spend shoe-shopping with me for as... Continue Reading →

A dog’s Monday!

This is not my day! I really loved this concret place, I loved sleeping here, chilling out, getting a rest and sometimes even just strolling around here to find the perfect spot to have my belly and my back warmed up. I really don't know what happened, but on the most perfect spot where there... Continue Reading →

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