BBQ Guardian

Hi guys! Sorry I'm busy, I have an important job to attend to. Actually I am really proud of having gotten it, because mostly I am too big, too tall, too slow, too patient, not agressiv enough, too intimidating, etc. to get a job. But this time I scored, I really got the best job... Continue Reading →

The service nowadays….

Seriously, I've been sitting here since an hour now, wanting to order some milk and a few chicken bits. But has anybody been out here to serve me yet? No! Come on guys, I'm nicely sitting at my table and trying to get some eye contact. But it seems to be true what they say:... Continue Reading →

Taking the spotlight in a purple field

Every year the same, every year we get placed into rows, colorcoordinated and wait until someone cuts us of. But growing up in the same enviroment gets boring. You know the stories, you know the gossip and as an individuum who can't move around, you are basically stuck amongst the same tulips for a long,... Continue Reading →

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