Need to go for the camera first, I guess…

You know how those people turn up at your place and start taking pictures of everything they are surrounded by. It's weird isn't it? I mean, how do they find those places? Did one of our trusted carers give them a hint (they better not do that!)? We noticed a bunch of people walking around... Continue Reading →

Have you seen your uncle recently?

Wow, what's that thing for? I dunno, maybe just to stand here... Naw, this is a monkey-fly-machine! Yeah, sure, a monkey-fly-machine..., idiot! Really, I saw my aunt use it with my uncle, he flew really far! I wanna fly! Let's try it, you remember how? Yep, I saw my aunt put my uncle in this long trunk-like... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget the cough-fee, please

Do you remember those days, when the breakfast at the hotel was rich and everybody indulged in it, whether it was in a doggy bag or fresh on the buffet. I always looked forward to those sunrise tourists leaving their neatly packed hotel breakfast behind or even better, those tourists totally in awe so they... Continue Reading →

No more knitted yellow pullovers!

You'll know my name if you have fullfilled your duty as a child to read books and not to be a digital couch potato. I have to admit that being this famous monkey was really ecxiting, but I have to tell you, as people get old some of them turn out to be pretty boring.... Continue Reading →

I believe I can fl…

Welcome to Tanjung Putin National Park, Kalimantan. When you spend your time here you will meet a lot of monkeys, big ones, small ones, noisy ones, quiet ones... you name it, we have it all (almost). Anyway today I like you to meet my family the proboscis monkeys (try saying this 3 times real quick)... Continue Reading →

Bring them shiny packages…

My name is of no importance, I live close to Ubud/Bali in the monkey forest. People pay to see and feed me. Some of them bring bananas. I hate bananas, every day bananas, who brought up this stereotype about all monkeys going bananas for bananas? Tell me, I want to kill him! Listen, the interesting... Continue Reading →

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