Nice and clean with floor heating!

My wife told me she wants to move, she is sick of living in a dumpster or underground and she would like something clean for a change with a nice smell. I would say, she needs a new freetime activity or some more kids to get her mind of such things. But being the good... Continue Reading →

It’s not what it looks like… really…

Oh, mmh, hi! And no this is not what it looks like, why do you always think, we dogs are sitting in front of food in order to get some. You shouldn't reduce us to only this! I mean I could be sitting here guarding those people or listening to the news of the day.... Continue Reading →

Ever heard about barking tourists?

It's rainy season here which means there might be flooding, so you've got to choose carefully where to sleep. I am fortunate I can smell the rain minutes before it starts, but I can't smell the flood...  Poor choices let you end up wet. I go for the tin roof, it's nice and warm and... Continue Reading →

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