How to hunt on an island

Some might think mice-hunting is all the same, no matter where you are in the world. I say: no it isn't! Take me for example, I used to live on the mainland and mice could be found everywhere, but could also go everywhere. Now that I am an island cat, I can say there is... Continue Reading →

Call +49-HELGOLAND (charges will apply-for sure) for a professional photobomb

I have always seen tourist taking those really boring vacation pictures and I am still wondering what they are using those for. I mean no one wants to look at those! This is why we animals invented photobombing! Just put "photobombs" in google and look at the pictures turning up you'll see us doing it.... Continue Reading →

My bench!

This is my bench and I don't care if there are individuals around who want to sit! This is mine, mine, mine! I was awake all night hunting and the night was cold, now I get to sleep in the sun! That's how it is! I get to sleep on my bench! Bugger of tourists!... Continue Reading →

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