Dead trees + parking lots = buffet

Dudes, I checked it out, I did my research and now I know where to get something else to eat for a change. See those dead trees behind me? No, not the standing ones, those are alive, the ones in the lefthand corner with the neat mosaic-like imprint. Yes, those are the dead trees! Whenever... Continue Reading →

Mine, mine, mine – we love passenger boats!

You can say what you want about passenger ships, but we do love them dearly. Not only do they provide a nice resting place if you kind of got lost on the open sea, but they do come with food as well - an amazing array of food, to say the least. And this food... Continue Reading →

Being THIS and using it…

"Look at THIS isn't it cute?!" I've heard that more often than I can count, being "cute" is not that bad, but being "THIS" is kind of offensive. Apparently I am kind of a "special-treat" on table mountain, and I really do wish they told me about that before I moved here. Well, the mountain... Continue Reading →

How to get soup meat – a guide in 4 steps

Dear fellow cats, I heard you do have trouble with getting what you want - especially from tourists: Soup-meat! Well, let me guide you to get what you want. First of all the circumstances have to be right: restaurant staff that doesn't care if you are there or doesn't see you tourists entering the restaurant on... Continue Reading →


I live under a table in Myanmar, close to the golden rocks (not the famous ones, but the ones close to Malawmyne), life here is pretty relaxed. The table-owners have a soup kitchen and they seem to be pretty good at it. At least I do like the smell of the chicken broth, it makes... Continue Reading →

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