Don’t tell anyone: I’m the hostel-spy!

I know I am cute, but this is part of the job! What job? Well, the hostel-spy job! The hostel I work for has specific rules and one of them states that we charge people when leaving "unwanted" marks in the bed. But as you know humans, they don't turn up at the front desk... Continue Reading →


Hunting for my collection!

Saturday is the best time to go out and hunt. I was really successful this time and although I might not look like it, but I'm really proud of myself! Just a bit exhausted at the moment. I really do appreciate the help of my humans to come out with me each Saturday and help... Continue Reading →

Let me watch your bags…

They need me here at the swing at the edge of the world! I mean those tourists can't possibly use it with all their baggage. The limit is 100 kg on those swings and I've seen more than one who shouldn't try it for their own safety, even if they were naked! I know that... Continue Reading →

A dog’s Monday!

This is not my day! I really loved this concret place, I loved sleeping here, chilling out, getting a rest and sometimes even just strolling around here to find the perfect spot to have my belly and my back warmed up. I really don't know what happened, but on the most perfect spot where there... Continue Reading →

Stuck with rice…

When you are a guard dog, you really have to take things seriously - no fooling around, no sleeping, no! Guarding is your job and that does mean to keep every object you are supposed to guard under your watchful eyes. I started with humans, to guard humans is kind of easy, they know how... Continue Reading →

I really hate emails!

You know what is wrong with this so called digital age? Emails, emails instead of letters! What do you mean, you can't follow up on this? Let me explain, emails might be the new SMS and you don't have to limit yourself to a certain amount of signs. Sure once sent they are already in the... Continue Reading →

How did he move it?

Okay, just go around the corner, just walk out of sight, so I can finally try this baby out! I've watched you a million times on mainland Europe how to handle a car, I can do this! But you wouldn't let me! So this might be my chance, vacation in New Zealand, human almost gone,... Continue Reading →

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