My Home is my castle

No one has ever seen me completely naked. Alright, maybe when I was really small and didn't have a house yet. It took quiet a while to find my recent house, since everything in the good areas and in a good state is taken within an instant. I admit, this palace is a bit on... Continue Reading →

Being dumped

Actually I just wanted a day off from the cruise ship work and spent my day on a lonely beach, well what can I say? - Maybe I overdid it? Well somehow the ship left while I was still enjoying the beach. At least they dumped me on Bazaruto and not on an northern, non... Continue Reading →

Let’s go to the beach – dudes!

On a clear sunny day we decided to do something unusual, well maybe not unusual for the human being, but for us it was! We wanted to do as those humans do: go to the beach and how do you call it? "Chill"! We've seen it a couple of times, humans laying on the beach... Continue Reading →

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