How did he move it?

Okay, just go around the corner, just walk out of sight, so I can finally try this baby out! I've watched you a million times on mainland Europe how to handle a car, I can do this! But you wouldn't let me! So this might be my chance, vacation in New Zealand, human almost gone,... Continue Reading →

A nice day on the beach, if only there wasn’t water…

I made it, it's almost end of the year, the sun is shining, my wife is shopping, kids are well who knows where and I get to test my lovely little beach hut! Isn't it great, just the right amount of space for a man! And you can move it whereever you want. How fantastic is... Continue Reading →

My Home is my castle

No one has ever seen me completely naked. Alright, maybe when I was really small and didn't have a house yet. It took quiet a while to find my recent house, since everything in the good areas and in a good state is taken within an instant. I admit, this palace is a bit on... Continue Reading →

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