Pink elephants – wanna know more?

You might probably¬†know, that standing in the sun the entire day is not really good for your skin. It dries out and you'll get a nasty sunburn - wait, that's not why we are kind of pink in those pictures, and neither did the camera have a colour problem. We want to share the secret... Continue Reading →


How to hide not too obviously visible

If you live in an area where there are a lot of tourists who want to "discover" you, you have to learn how to hide. We don't mean hide in the sense of really hide - like we do on our days off, when we really don't want to be bothered by clicking cameras, but... Continue Reading →

Being THIS and using it…

"Look at THIS isn't it cute?!" I've heard that more often than I can count, being "cute" is not that bad, but being "THIS" is kind of offensive. Apparently I am kind of a "special-treat" on table mountain, and I really do wish they told me about that before I moved here. Well, the mountain... Continue Reading →

Once in a lifetime…

"Once in a lifetime you have to climb a mountain" -¬†probably some human I don't know who ever said this, it got stuck in my mind. And since I am not the youngest one, although I do still look amazing, I thought: why not? I did a lot of research, I mean you just don't... Continue Reading →

Black mud, that’s the secret!

I've just come out of my bathtube! Boy, I do love a good morning bath, especially in high quality mud! Black, it really has to be black mud, not that brownish grey greasy stuff, no! My skin will always get black mud! The smoothest mud on earth! Nice and cool in the sun and it... Continue Reading →

No driving on my driveway!

There is nothing like a morning stroll down the driveway of your estate, isn't it? The air is fresh, it is peacefull and calm and you get to smell the flowers along the way. Look at that: the gardener did a nice job with the bushes, really well done, indeed. I really do like my... Continue Reading →

Standing guard

Well, I don't know what humans find entertaining about us. I mean all we do is eat, sleep and being on watch-out-duty. We are many and we have to fight hard to keep us and our families alive. Expecially with so many predators around. That's why we have our duties. Of course those duties are... Continue Reading →

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