A dog‘s thought on yoga: downward facing dog

There are a lot of humans who come to Bali and especially Ubud to indulge themselves in yoga. That’s fine, you should move your body and relax, so yoga is a good way to combine those two. But let me tell you, whoever invented yoga got something wrong: downward facing dog!

I get it, four ‘legs’, head in line with the spine or staring intensely at your belly button – why would a dog stare at it’s belly button, there are way better things to see down there! Relax, breathe (yes, we dogs breath… but relax in this position?)…

Seriously I saw my share of downward facing yogis and no matter how they looked (and believe me, there are a lot of different downward facing dogs made by humans) I still can’t relate to the name of the pose. It makes me think of cats, not my fellow buddies! My guess is that this inventor-human must have been a bit short sighted: so it has mistaken a cat for a dog when naming this pose.

But let me suggest something, if you could rename the pose to downward facing cat, I would gladly show you a pose you could integrate in the yoga syllabus dedicated to dogs as we are really pleased to be part of the yoga world:

Let me introduce – the sideward facing dog

This is for beginners if you prefer you can use a wall as a prop to relax your feet against. Also if you find a narrow alleyway, you can as well relax your feet against the left wall while supporting your back with the right wall (or vice versa). If you scroll down further you’ll get the advanced pose.

Below you’ll see the advanced pose: the body position doesn’t change, but you are free to let go of the supporting wall as a prop.

The trick here is to breathe deeply, relax your jaw and let your tongue unroll itself out of your mouth. For the pros: add some drooling. Once you got this down you have mastered it!


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