Was it me or wasn‘t it?

Don’t you love the evenings? When it gets cool and everyone comes out of their dig-holes to socialise and roam around. I really do love watching my fellow animals when the temperature drops and the street livens up.

You think I should be part of this? Who says I’m not? Just because I’m sitting on my favourite fence waiting for the highlight of the evening? Just a few more seconds and… do you hear it? The screaming? Humans are really funny…, just listen to the pitch of their voices, can it get any higher – I guess so!

What this commotion is about? Just turn around! You’ll see! Poor boy, he’s trying so hard to be a good boy!

Isn’t that a sight? And every evening he tries to explain it wasn’t him. And every evening they don’t believe him… dogs are so predictable…

Just look at that face! Although it surely wasn’t him his face says something else! Isn’t it entertaining? I tell you it’s the best comedy show you’ll get to see each evening at 5:45 pm, reliable as a Swiss clock!

What do you mean by, how do you know it wasn’t him? Let’s just say, I happen to know that for a fact. Why? Well, let’s not spoil the evening entertainment…

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