BBQ Guardian

Hi guys! Sorry I’m busy, I have an important job to attend to. Actually I am really proud of having gotten it, because mostly I am too big, too tall, too slow, too patient, not agressiv enough, too intimidating, etc. to get a job. But this time I scored, I really got the best job a dog could ask for and needles to say, I intend to hold it!

You actually see me in my working pose: no, I’m not a sphinx double (I tried this one, but I didn’t make it, because my nose was not prominent enough…). Guess again!

No, not I’m not a road block either. Apparently I am not sturdy enough, they told me a few years ago, when I tried to apply for this job.

BBQ Guardian

Let me show you another picture to give you a hint:

BBQ Guard

Now, what do you think? Associate the things you see: gas bottle, roast, glas of wine, meat, and tongs… come on!!!

Right, I am the keeper of the BBQ, the official BBQ guardian! And I get payed for it, in raw leftover meat! It’ll be worth it, I tell ya! I already counted 10 vegetarians in the group and another 5 are afraid of big dogs!

Replies will be appreciated:

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