Waiting for the rain to fall

I never thought I would find myself in this kind of circumstances here in Europe. I’m sitting in an artificial pond, which isn’t even worthy of me being there. I have to share it with two more frogs and I am avoiding the sun while sitting under a leave waiting for rain to fall.

Funny thing, last summer I spent time under a leave in a natural pond hoping not to get eaten by some kind of bird. This last summer there was so much water and it was cold, freezing cold, I barely was able to move. And now, we have the opposite situation. Well I feel like I am still barely able to move, but that is obviously for a slightly other reason than last summer.

The positive side about trying to avoid the sun and waiting for the rain to fall is, your food thinks exactly the same way. I found myself a shelter with a running buffet! So cool, I don’t have to move at all, they’ll just run in my mouth! From what I see without moving those flies will surely last me long enough to make it to the first rainfall!

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