How to build a whirlpool…

ສະບາຍດີ! I was thinking hard and long about this tutorial, whether I should make it, if you guys would appreciate it and so on. But I told myself, just go for it – and here it is!

Today I’m gonna show you how to build a very inexpensive whirlpool. You can make one wherever you’ll find water! That’s me in this picture, I plow the rice fields from early in the morning on till it gets too hot, then my boss let’s me and my mates chill in the water. But as you can imagine: lot’s of plowing, lot’s of aching muscles! So we decided we needed something like massages or some sort of relieve. We tried to get those white birds who love to sit on our backs to dig into our muscles, but they are incredibly weak – no use for us!

We figured out that we had to care about muscleache ourselves. So let me begin:


All you need is a nice, but not too big pond. Ponds work best, they don’t have waves and stuff. Furthermore shark sightings have not been an issue in them as well! Look at this beauty (yes, I know, but I actually refered to the pond), that’s perfect! Now you need a few mates, the more the better, but don’t overcrowd it! Best mates for creating a whirlpool are ruminants, always have these in the bunch as well! Ducks are fine, but they don’t have any impact!


Now you just get in there and let the methane do the rest! Just relax and the bubbles will evetnually start building up! Just release them! See?


But be sure it’s just the methane bubbling out and nothing else is attached, we recently had to throw out some water polluters who couldn’t keep themselves together!

For added bonus: be sure to eat lot’s of beans and peas about 3 hours before!

Replies will be appreciated:

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