Changing the walk of shame pattern…

Oh boy, the walk of shame… don’t we all know it?

If I am lucky I’ll get home before those seals wake up and make me regret this really fantastic night with their unpleasant voices!

Puerto Villamil Meeriguana auf Steg_2929

Well on the other hand, just look at them, they do start young and they surely give “walk of shame” a whole different meaning! Don’t they have a home? Just crashing on the walkway and being obstacles to me and anyone else here.  That is just so lazy! I mean what happened to the good old times, when you crawled home on all four with a head too heavy to hold up… Someone should teach those seals about how it’s done properly  – look at me!

Concha Perla Seelöwenhindernisse_2987.jpg

It was a great night! And isn’t it as well how you end the night that makes the difference between a good night and a great night? Come on, I’m sure you are remembering those nights that ended with my current activity more fondly than the other ones?

It is really light though – I mean I can barely see where I am … ouch!

Puerto Villamil Meeriguana x-ing_2986.jpg

Maybe I should try something new? Maybe we old should try out some things the young do. It  does feel quiet comfy here, warm wood under my belly, I can even put my head against this so it doesn’t fall over. And there are really many seal-road-blocks left on my way home… maybe I should stay here… just till the road-blocks remove themselves… it wouldn’t hurt- would it?

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