Somehow this happens every year at Christmas…

Are you coming along? Are you actually still moving?

Oh boy, this happens every year at Christmas, not that we’ve eaten too much, it is just the word Christmas that somehow makes the ususal portion of food grow to triple the size in your stomach…

Concha Perla Seelöwenhindernisse_2927

Normally while still being able to move, we make it to one of those nice wooden things the humans set up for us at our favourite beach. Those are really nice to lay on when getting rid of a serious stomach ache! But I think this year we are past the point of making it there. And those spots are probably all taken by now! I wonder who those lucky bastards are who were still able to make it there. We already got past so many non-movable sealions on our way…, making fun of them along the way, but now we end up as road blocks ourselves. That’s what you call Karma, I guess.

Puerto Villamil jede Bank ein Löwe_2865Puerto Villamil jede Bank ein Löwe_2872 I swear next year, all will be different… – wait didn’t I say this last time, too? Maybe we should take the food to the nice wooden thingies and only start eating there… Merry Christmas y’all!


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