It’s a win-win situation!

There are two things I don’t understand: why my mates go out hunting in the cold water when they can have food for free while patiently waiting in the sun without getting too wet and why humans throw away the best stuff.

For me it’s a win win situation that no one really seems to think about those facts.

Puerto Ayora Fischmarkt_3491

Look, I found this nice place where they sell fish, but only the outside of the fish, not the inside. They simply throw the inside away – strange. This is the best part! I mean isn’t there a saying: the best is on the inside…No? Anyway for fish this is true, at least to my taste buds.

I found this place per accident, I got lost somehow, wanted to get warm and ended up in this place. It took a while for them to accept me, but once they figured out I fancy the stuff they dispose off, it became a win win situation for everyone. Well not for those stupid birds hanging out around here, but they simply would go for the entire fish – not good!

Puerto Ayora Fischmarkt_3497

I wait patiently and I know I won’t end up hungry. You just have to let the humans do their work and then clean up when they are done – easy! And on those days where I don’t fancy to go into the cold water, I could just walk here and get some snacks, it works out everyday!

Puerto Ayora Fischmarkt_3524

You might be asking yourself now, why I am the only sealion here – well, somehow I really want to make sure the quality stays up to sealion standards before really letting my friends in on this…

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