Somehow this happens every year at Christmas…

Are you coming along? Are you actually still moving? Oh boy, this happens every year at Christmas, not that we've eaten too much, it is just the word Christmas that somehow makes the ususal portion of food grow to triple the size in your stomach... Normally while still being able to move, we make it to... Continue Reading →

Know your customer — even if he doesn‘t pay

Oh hello, there! Look at us, we are the most patient customers and the truest you can get. We wait for you and even welcome you back to the market. We take a lot of interest in what you put on the table and we value every bit of fish there is. I mean what... Continue Reading →

It’s a win-win situation!

There are two things I don't understand: why my mates go out hunting in the cold water when they can have food for free while patiently waiting in the sun without getting too wet and why humans throw away the best stuff. For me it's a win win situation that no one really seems to... Continue Reading →

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