Let me watch your bags…

They need me here at the swing at the edge of the world! I mean those tourists can’t possibly use it with all their baggage. The limit is 100 kg on those swings and I’ve seen more than one who shouldn’t try it for their own safety, even if they were naked!

I know that sounds not nice at all, but 100 kg is 100 kg: falling 2800 m is maybe exciting, but the landing surely won’t be.

Anyway this whole number thing is not my cup of tea, I just happen to listen in many times. My job is to guard the baggage those people bring and they do bring a lot which means I get to guard a lot! And it’s not only a day job – no I do the guarding at night as well! Yes, it is thanks to me that no one stole the swing so far! So when you come up here please recognise my service and at least pet me on my head! But I do take food as well 😉

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