We won’t get eaten, because…


We have an amazing life here in Laos, lot’s of sun, lot’s of dirt to get our noses and other body parts in and shade to take a nap. None of our siblings gets taken away or vanishes mysteriously (although sometimes you really wish for it).

We even get toys, shoes are really nice, especially the chewy ones. Normally the dogs take them away from us, but once we mark them properly and take them to our favourite mudbath they are all ours!

But best part of all, we won’t get eaten! Normally a pig’s life ends up in the cookpot, but ours doesn’t! This is really nice! Now you might ask why, why are you the lucky ones of all the pigs in the world?


I’ll tell you: our village specializes in a different menu, they somehow happen to focus on a really exclusive menu, maybe not exclusive in prize, but exclusive in the ingredients. And somehow they never seem to run out of stock. They do taste really nice, sometimes when we pass the kitchen they throw us some samples. So check out this place when you happen to be around!



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