Please stop screaming! I’m here to help!

Oh, hello! Yes, I can most certainly get that you just discovered me in your 5 star deluxe hotel room! But screaming for your husband won’t most certainly help you! Actually I am part of the hotel’s service: I keep your room malaria free and if there is no malaria around than I’ll keep it free from dengue and if there is no dengue around I’ll keep it moskito free anyway! All for your pleasure. No need to scream at me!

Listen, we are an army and do come in all sizes and many colors, and you can also ask for more of us. But please do keep in mind, that we don’t mingle with smaller sizes, it mind end deadly for them.

You are still screaming, you got a long breath! What would you do if I bring along my furry eight-legged friend who actually lives just right under the roof of your beachcabana? – No worries, we are not allowed to show up with them anymore, at least not during the day 😉

Koh Chang - Gecko 1

Listen Lady, you can just call the front-desk and they’ll be more than happy to explain our presence to you or to ask us to leave. But I guess you have to sign a release-form once you get us out of your room, that it is your fault if you get stung by mosquitos and other flying creatures and you won’t blame the hotel – your choice! I mean who wouldn’t like to have dengue fever, malaria or else for a souvenir when going home?

And by the way, what kind of behaviour is that to greet someone with screaming who is here to just make your life better ? Next time you could offer us some snacks by leaving the light on and your door open!

Replies will be appreciated:

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