How to hunt on an island

Some might think mice-hunting is all the same, no matter where you are in the world. I say: no it isn’t!

Take me for example, I used to live on the mainland and mice could be found everywhere, but could also go everywhere. Now that I am an island cat, I can say there is a big difference here: mice can’t get off!

The tinier the island the easier mice-hunting gets. All you have to figure out is their infrastructure and on islands their tiny mouse-paths mostly run around in a circle.


Look for the tiny mouse paw prints and you’ll sure enough hit the right spot.

You just go near one an wait and the food will be delivered to you soon. If you are lucky you just have to open your mouth and wait for it to run in – convenient isn’t it?

FullSizeRender 30

Dear fellow cats, when you are tired of hunting just make sure to come to a tiny island and you get your meals delivered directly in you mouse! But stay away from mine, there are just enough mice left here to last for my life-time!

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