What I learned from humans on a camp ground…

We love laughing, that’s at least what humans tell about us. But what do they know! Indeed we love having a good time, and we love spoiling a good hunt by giving the chaser away!

Lachender Hans

But that’s not all, we do like to spy on humans, we like to know what they are up to and we love to distract them from it!

Sometimes we are rewarded with food, especially living around those campgrounds humans like to go to, you really don’t have to worry about getting up to 6 meals a day! Just show up! They’ll love you! Well, unless those parrots upstage you, but never mind, they are easily distracted by our voices!


But since word got out in our community about those 6 meals + for free on campgrounds, things have tightened up and it isn’t that easy anymore! I mean if you are on your own humans love you, but if you show up as a big family and your kids aren’t that small and not well behaved – fat chance!

We tend to be quite territorial, but when you’re not there to fight for your place it’ll most likely be taken by another one of your mates and you end up getting in line, that really sucks!

Lately  I watched an interesting human behaviour on a camp ground: there were a bunch of humans and one of them had something they all seemed to desire. Apparently though the one human in posession of the treasure they all yearned for had to leave it with his mates for a few moments, but he didn’t trust them enough to be sure he’ll get it back when he returns. He stuck out his tongue and licked all around this thing before he placed it in the hands  – well on the table – in front of his mates. He left, came back and found this thing just like he left it! Interesting!

This is a really good plan, problem is I don’t have anything like a tongue, well I do, but not to use like this.

I figured out another plan to set this action in motion, it might leave more visible marks and I didn’t know what happens when it rains, but this plank I’m sitting on has just been marked and is officially mine!

Featherdale Me and my shit


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