Getting fed while being stuck doesn’t help 

You might think I’m just like any of those young birds, not wanting to leave the warmth of the nest. Boy are you wrong!

I’m actually stuck in the warmth of this nest and there is nothing more I would like to do than finally spread my wings and fly! But I am stuck! Literally! Being an only child and having Mum and Dad feed me 24/7 just brought me to this point.

They did a great job, but now they don’t get it that in order to get through this hole they need to bring a woodpecker instead of more food! I want to get out and I constantly try to tell them and they constantly come back to bring more treats…

Look, I really try to get out, but my bum is just stuck like a cork in a champagne bottle! 

And what’s even worse: I try to tell them not to bring me more food, I really shout at them to eat it themselves!

But those guys are masters in putting food into my mouth, just when I’m telling them not to!

I mean just look at this, it might appear like I am slowly coming out of our home, but it ain’t the truth! My bum is stuck, but maybe one day they’ll get fed up feeding me and I finally get the chance to slim down just a tiny bit so that I can pop out of this hole like a cork out of a champagne bottle. And all I have to do is spread my wings and fly!

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