Pink elephants – wanna know more?

You might probably know, that standing in the sun the entire day is not really good for your skin. It dries out and you’ll get a nasty sunburn – wait, that’s not why we are kind of pink in those pictures, and neither did the camera have a colour problem.

We want to share the secret with you, how to keep your skin nice and elastic when no shade, water or lotion is in sight. And while we talk about it, you might also get to know why we are kind of pink!

We do live in Tsavo East and there is quite a bunch of us. Around this time of the year we come in all shapes and sizes, well the older male ones better keep their distance, but that is another story…

You might be able to see that there are no trees around, well at least nothing that we elephants would consider worth calling a tree! To tell the truth, we love trees, I mean trees that tower above us, spend shade, won’t crack down at the slightest touch and withstand a good old lean-against-scrub! Those seem hard to come by nowadays, so we need a substitute!

As you already noticed, we at Tsavo kind of look pink-ish, and this has something to do with our substitution for trees and our skincare routine:

Let me explain skincare, if we don’t have water or mud around, a few trunkloads of dust and sand will totally do the trick of protecting us against the sun and keep those nasty little ticks and moskitoes away. But as you might know, movement creates sweat and when sweat meets sand it sticks, right? Right! So what to do when you have an itchy sandcrust on your back? Look for a big tree to take a good old body scrub.


Any trees in sight? No!!!

See, this is our problem, no decent trees. Ever walked with a bunch of youngsters and teenagers who have an itchy back? It ain’t fun – I tell ‘ya! Mom, my back is itching, mom, how much longer? Auntie it’s itching real bad! Aaaaaaaaauntiiiiiiiii, can you scratch it pleeeeeeeease! I don’t have that many trunks to scratch their backs so they finally would shut up!

This is why we come to this place to sort it all out. We call it the square-pink-stone-tree.It can be used by 4 elephants at the same time and still won’t budge! Size doesn’t matter on this thing! We don’t mind that it rubs off a bit of colour on us, we even found sand that matches it and conserves the nice tan we got after scratching.


We really don’t know who found it first, rumour is some drunken uncle leaned against it per accident, started to move back and forth and eventually turned pink – hence the reference of seeing pink elephants when being totally drunk (no it’s not Disney’s invention).



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