It’s not what it looks like… really…


Oh, mmh, hi! And no this is not what it looks like, why do you always think, we dogs are sitting in front of food in order to get some. You shouldn’t reduce us to only this!

I mean I could be sitting here guarding those people or listening to the news of the day. I could have prepared the meal for them and am sitting here just to know if they like it. As well I could be waiting for a table for myself. Or maybe I could let the ant that it crossing my way just in front of me pass by without stepping on it. Maybe this is my alltime favourite spot and this outside restaurant just popped up here today by incident.

No, not everything we do is food related, otherwise we wouldn’t sleep at all!

So why would you think, I try to get some food here? I’m drooling? No way! Not the slightest bit, see all clean on the street no drool-marks!!! I’m just looking, yes and there happened to be food, that’s no crime is it?

What, you want me to leave, now??? No way, I mean there is food here and once they are done I might have the chance to get one of those chicken legs while noone pays attention, I’m surely not giving up the place right now, I’ve waited such a long time and I really really really want some of this good smelling food and… alright it is exactly what it looks like…



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