Need to go for the camera first, I guess…

You know how those people turn up at your place and start taking pictures of everything they are surrounded by. It’s weird isn’t it? I mean, how do they find those places? Did one of our trusted carers give them a hint (they better not do that!)?

We noticed a bunch of people walking around with a book in their hands and we figured this thing seems to be the answere to our questions. So we decided to get hold of one of those book things which isn’t that easy.

First we tried this guy who had one in his hand. To wrestle it out of it seemed to be kind of easy as a plan, but it turned out to be a miss, maybe we shouldn’t have let the young generation handle this particular job – look at him, gave up before even trying, total looser!

Monkey Forest hunting lonely planet 4.jpg

Well to take matters in our own hands, we decided to go for the other way – jump the backpack:

But this backpack is quite tricky, it does have many pockets indeed and you never know what you get in your hands. Although this one turned out to be a success… first pocket… found it!

Monkey Forest hunting lonely planet 3.jpgMonkey Forest hunting lonely planet 2.jpg

But it got stuck somehow, I didn’t have time to take it away, because I realized I got caught on film, it’s never good to leave evidence, especially not on a camera… maybe I should get hold of the camera first then!

Okay boys, change of plans! Don’t go for the book, get the cameras!!!


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