Pink elephants – wanna know more?

You might probably¬†know, that standing in the sun the entire day is not really good for your skin. It dries out and you'll get a nasty sunburn - wait, that's not why we are kind of pink in those pictures, and neither did the camera have a colour problem. We want to share the secret... Continue Reading →

It’s not what it looks like… really…

Oh, mmh, hi! And no this is not what it looks like, why do you always think, we dogs are sitting in front of food in order to get some. You shouldn't reduce us to only this! I mean I could be sitting here guarding those people or listening to the news of the day.... Continue Reading →

Need to go for the camera first, I guess…

You know how those people turn up at your place and start taking pictures of everything they are surrounded by. It's weird isn't it? I mean, how do they find those places? Did one of our trusted carers give them a hint (they better not do that!)? We noticed a bunch of people walking around... Continue Reading →

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