You didn’t order our quintet to serenade you – too bad – now we’re here!

It’s almost summer and the days are getting longer. Since humans seem to orientate their rhythm on the amount of daylight at their disposal, we figured it is a hard time for them, especially in the North. I mean they just had those long dark nights, with a sleeping capacity of up to 20 hours and now it turns the other way round, that’s quiet hard.

To make transition easier for them my friends and me we had an idea: evolution programmed us to sing during the months of May and June and we figured it might be really nice of us to do so around the time the average human should go to sleep. This thought in our heads, we founded the Serenade-Quintet to help humans adapt to the summer schedule and tell them: even if it is still light out there, it is okay to sleep!

We know a lot of tunes and we sing them loud and proud and especially for you! You didn’t order a serenade, no worries, we are here for your service and we’ll gladly sing you to sleep – no need to sign up for it! We even do special seasonal events in your garden pond just in front of your bedroom – let us know!

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