The service was really good – the pool though needs serious upgrading!

When you go to Germany you have to try the bread – this is what our friends who have been there kept repeating over and over. People will even throw it at you in designated areas, they kept telling us.

But you know on a honeymoon, you want to choose yourself and not just having random pieces of bread given to you whose origins are kind of not known, I mean we wanted THE German bread.

In a little village just on the outskirts of Hamburg we found a place which really surprised us. I mean first of all this village, river-access, lake-access, tiny river access, beach, fields, willows – amazing, they really got it all here!

We found this little shop, actually it was the first in the row of a street with quiet a few of them, but this one seemed friendly and besides, red is the colour of love, and being on a honeymoon – well, you know! The smell was really nice as well, so we went in and we could sample a few things here – and it is true what they say, this bread is amazing, after having had a few crumbs of the black one we felt energized and ready to hit the waters. We also got to sample a Hamburg specialty: “Franz-brötchen” – boy, they were really something! And to have a bread named after our man of honour is amazing, I’m still not sure why they did name it after him, but he is a special duck indeed! Wonder why he didn’t tell us though!

As we indicated earlier, the service at this place is great, we went a few times and we even got to interact with the locals, they talk to you (we couldn’t understand what they said, but still they seemed friendly) and they do give you samples from their plates when they sit outside – amazing!

It is the perfect place to go on a duck-honeymoon!

One thing which we would like to offer them as an advise if they really want to make it big in the duck-honeymoon-business: it is great you thought of water access directly at your doorstep for us, but this tiny white pool won’t just do it… – we appreciate the effort though!


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