Call +49-HELGOLAND (charges will apply-for sure) for a professional photobomb

I have always seen tourist taking those really boring vacation pictures and I am still wondering what they are using those for. I mean no one wants to look at those!

This is why we animals invented photobombing! Just put “photobombs” in google and look at the pictures turning up you’ll see us doing it. We won’t charge you for it, we do it purely of altruistic reasons, we want you to have a vacation picture your friends and family love to look at and even love to share on social media!

This is why I would like to offer my spare time to help you out. I was in a lot places of the world and I know what I am doing! You can request me being in the foreground as well as in the background!

For reference I do enclose some pictures down here – you might know my smile from a certain picture with those stupid penguins in the background… – google it if you don’t! Oh, and don’t let those frock-wearing-freaks help you out – they are no professionals at all!




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