It’s not the food I’m after…

Why do people always think we want something to eat when we come along. Maybe we want a change of perspective by sitting on a chair or on a person’s lap, maybe we need some warming up when crawling up a leg to get to the stomach of a human. Sometimes we just need company, different company, oh, come on you humans know what I mean! Chatting with another species might broaden your view (although I haven’t had the experience yet).

We are not after your food – well not always and sometimes we are just polite by taking the bits and pieces you offer us. We are quiet resourceful when it comes to meals and we can supply for ourselves – we are hunters!!! At least in this part of the world and don’t you dare put us in a sweater (yeah, I know about that – an American cousin told me all about it), we still know how to defend ourselves as well!

As I said I don’t care for the human food, I got myself way better stuff and actually left you with the leftovers which you gladly eat – just saying…- enjoy, but there is one thing I can’t hunt for myself and once in a while I really need it to chill-out, you know with life-stuff happening, kids, wife, environment, politics, neighbours… well you know – it comes in this green bottle and if you would please just tip it over or spill something or when you are done leave it laying on the floor I would be really greatful! A tiny sip would do wonders!

Borobudur it's the beer

Come on, a cat needs a break sometimes as well!


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