A dog’s Monday!

This is not my day! I really loved this concret place, I loved sleeping here, chilling out, getting a rest and sometimes even just strolling around here to find the perfect spot to have my belly and my back warmed up.

I really don’t know what happened, but on the most perfect spot where there was the absolutely perfect breeze coming through, the concret fitted my belly like a glove, I could see everything I needed to without contorting my head too much and what’s even best: the smell was right, there is now a zebra-like-body standing upright and won’t budge. The only thing this place can be used for is to lift a particular hind leg of mine – and I might do so eventually.

Well I went to my second favorite place which was occupied by a removable object, but once I tried to remove it, this place wasn’t the same anymore – the zebra-body just spoilt the breeze!

Well, I went on to my third favorite spot to finally do what I need to do most: sleep and get my body warmed! What can I say, another removable sign just like the other one – needless to say, I moved it, yeah – because I can!


As I was heading along to contemplate whether to do a leg lift on the zebra or to get really serious with one of the removable objects, I heard a voice yell at me: YO, DOG STOP! CAN’T YOU READ? Sure I can read, but after finding my three most favorite spots newly occupied I SIMPLY DON’T CARE TO READ! Guess I go lay down in the shade, freeze my butt off and lick my… – well you now what, a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do!

This was the worst Monday of the year – it even was so bad that I had to wait till Tuesday to tell y’all!

PS: If you happen to come by the zebra, please join me in the lift-your-hind-leg-activity, maybe it’ll leave eventually! Thanks a lot!


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