Dead trees + parking lots = buffet

Dudes, I checked it out, I did my research and now I know where to get something else to eat for a change. See those dead trees behind me? No, not the standing ones, those are alive, the ones in the lefthand corner with the neat mosaic-like imprint. Yes, those are the dead trees! Whenever you see those it means buffet! You just have to wait until those weird two legged animals arrive with bags full of food.

Believe me, they will come, the closer those dead trees are to a parking lot the higher the chances!

It comes with a free show: they have to carry their bags with the stuff and they can detach from them, most of the time they need to go twice – I mean come on evolution, if you see that two legged animals need a bag, well mostly more than one, to carry stuff, why not give them one they don’t need to carry! I mean I do have one and it comes in really handy! I got everything in there I need and my kids do fit in there as well! Yeah watch out Mary Poppins – mine is better than yours, plus I don’t have to carry it in my hands!

I’m waiting right now for a group to arrive, I’ve heard a car approaching… can’t be that long anymore! Meanwhile I will check my bag for some leftovers – you gotta clean it out once in a while before getting the fresh stuff in! I even left the kids at home so chances are that there will be something left to share with my hubby once I get home. I hear them coming, gotta find my cute face… – maybe it’s in my bag!

Freycinet Ntl Park Wombat 1.jpg

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