Waiting for a perfect parking lot

Going to tourist places is really hard sometimes, especially if you need a parking lot. They always seem to fill up really soon and during the day, especially on a sunny day no-one wants to leave their spot.

What does a seagull know about parking, you might think, they don’t even drive cars, so what’s the use of a parking lot?

We fly, that’s right and we don’t need a vehicle for that, but sightseeing for us is NOT running – well, flying from one church to another or in and out of cafés and museums. It is about flying places and finding the perfect parking lot. A thing like this is located in the sun, at the water with a nice underground to rest your feet on and to make it perfect: close to a a café or restaurant or to a fisher boat.

At a prime spot like this you’ll get free food as well. Close to a boat you got to know the owner and either pick the food up yourself or wait until he’ll throw you something (mostly when he is done cleaning the fish). At a café or restaurant you need to pay attention that humans can throw there bread at you, this implies to sit somewhere inbetween 0-10 metres away from this area, no buildings or lampposts in the near surrounding. Otherwise most of the food will end up around those (I wonder why humans are such bad throwers, I mean the hand-eye-coordination isn’t really their forte).

One of those spots you’ll find in Prague next to the Charles Bridge or Karluv Most how they call it here. But although there are many parking lots my dear colleagues seem to sleep on them at night to not lose their spot, I wonder if they still can fly… It is a bit like a phenomenon I’ve seen in places with tourists and those bed-like things around pools or beaches: some of those are hunted down by humans early in the morning and occupied with towels. It’s about the same thing here: but apparently, as you can see, leaving a mark on them didn’t do the trick, you got to stay here in person – well seagull, to secure your spot. Guess I have to wait until someone falls off…, but something tells me that this won’t happen, apparently it is against nature!



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