After I’d finished singing – a huge crowd would cheer me on…

Once I was in Valletta and I saw a human on the street singing. He was just sitting there and singing, while people were stopping and listening, once in a while they threw some coins in a cup in front of him. I don’t know about the coins, but I woud like to sing for an attentive crowd as well and I wouldn’t mind them throwing fish in front of me. But I have never sung before. I figured it was best not to try it in Valletta directly, especially not since it seems to be the turf of the singing human and I didn’t want to mess with him – yet!

Senglea Katze

So I made my way to Senglea – one of the three cities – to try my luck there!  I found a spot on the main street on a nice and sunny day and I started singing. It was really easy, you just open your mouth and let sounds out and it did sound really good! I totally could lose myself in it!

Senglea Katze 1

I don’t know how long I sang with my eyes closed… I mean I really sounded amazing – humans must have heard me, actually I could really feel the crowd forming around me without opening my eyes, I could feel them placing fresh fish in front of me: sardines, swordfish and tuna! Boy, I could smell the fish while singing my heart out! I gave it my all and  let drama take over: I kept my eyes closed for what I decided to be the last tunes of my song! I took a deep bow and opened my eyes expecting a cheering crowd around me and on those balconies above the street:

Senglea Stufengasse.jpg

I still don’t now what went wrong, someone could at least have cheered for me from one of the balconies, there were humans sitting there when I started – I saw them!  And even worse – someone must have nicked my fish – I smelled it while I was singing – I swear!

I guess I’ll go down to the harbour now and see if one of the fishermen has lost a sardine I can take…



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