Mine, mine, mine – we love passenger boats!

You can say what you want about passenger ships, but we do love them dearly. Not only do they provide a nice resting place if you kind of got lost on the open sea, but they do come with food as well – an amazing array of food, to say the least. And this food does come 24/7 it seams to be an endless conveyor belt that never stops! We love it!

As many of us live in harbour areas we need to be quick, because once the boat fastened at the pier food will be gone. You know they put up those signs all over “don’t feed the birds” below they mention an enormus fine to be payed if humans still do so though I’ve never seen anyone being charged. In a way we are really flatered that feeding us is so highly priced, but we like the human food – a lot!

Once you see a passenger ship, you need to fly to them aim for the rear of the ship as most humans are standing there and if one starts to throw food at you, the other ones will follow. Nice system actually!

You have many tries and there is enough for everyone of us, but don’t make it seem like that, put on a show – humans love shows – just nick each others food and out on a cat fight, that’s all they want!

Napoli Möwenfrühstück

Once you got your portion, just look for one of those small boats hanging on the big ship – I honestly never got the concept of those: are they hung up to dry, are they the little ones sticking to their Mom until they grow up or are they just some kind of decoration – anyway you look for one of those – mostly orange!

Napoli Möwenfrühstück 2

You sit down – maybe even with a friend or two and you enjoy breakfast or lunch or dinner or snacktime. As I said earlier: there is always food on a passenger boat no matter what time of day – or night!

Napoli Möwenfrühstück 5

Just one more thing! Never ever fly up in the front, especially the females should listen to this – yes – there is a certain attraction to human males in uniform – especially those with this shiny gold lines on the shoulders, mostly found in the front and a few decks up on the passenger ship – but they won’t feed you… – they just look nice from the distance!



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