No bubbly brown stinky algae for my love!

It's mating season and boy that's the tough bit of the year. Not only do you need to find the right place, the right partner and the right neighbourhood, but you also need to find the right present to finally get the girl you want! The common mating gift around here seems to be algae,... Continue Reading →

Dead trees + parking lots = buffet

Dudes, I checked it out, I did my research and now I know where to get something else to eat for a change. See those dead trees behind me? No, not the standing ones, those are alive, the ones in the lefthand corner with the neat mosaic-like imprint. Yes, those are the dead trees! Whenever... Continue Reading →

Waiting for a perfect parking lot

Going to tourist places is really hard sometimes, especially if you need a parking lot. They always seem to fill up really soon and during the day, especially on a sunny day no-one wants to leave their spot. What does a seagull know about parking, you might think, they don't even drive cars, so what's... Continue Reading →

Cream-hunting like a pirate…

While my dear friend still thinks he rules the world  (I rule the world by sitting on a buttwarming box!) by sitting on a small white box, I would like to introduce you to the more important things in life: cream-hunting! I might have only one eye, but my nose still works fine, I can smell... Continue Reading →

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