I rule the world by sitting on a buttwarming box!

My name is of no importance – I live in a Café in Milano where I meet many new people every day. If I want to I can get cuddled and hugged all day long, I can sleep in various nice places and I can occasionally steal some food from unattentive guests. In short: life is good – BUT nowadays many people come here not because of me and I don’t like that – at all!

They love coming here taking a short look at me (and my inmates) settle down order a coffee and start looking at their electronic devices. Some of them even punch really hard on those things as if to murder them in a way – really weird!

I could say it was a coincidence what happened next, but I’d rathe go for “it was carefully planned and well thought through”  – I managed to rule the world.

I was sleeping at the window for a long time and my behind was somehow in contact with the window and got really cold (winter, you know, never fall asleep with your butt pressed to the glass window). It really got uncomfortable and I tried to find a place to warm up quickly.

There was this boxy white thing sitting on a small table by the cashier and it spread a certain type of warmth when you got near it. Perfect!

Cat Cafe WLAN katze 2

I really warmed up quickly and noticed how people suddenly started to talk to each other more and put away their electronic things. They started to notice us and we got our cuddles and hugs – it was really nice!

Of course I knew why immediately! This white box is like a buzzer, once you sit on it, you start the game of cat cuddeling and hugging. Really cool! So now, I am ruling the world I can change customers behaviour by just sitting on this white buttwarming box.


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