Have you seen your uncle recently?

Wow, what’s that thing for?

I dunno, maybe just to stand here…

Naw, this is a monkey-fly-machine!

Yeah, sure, a monkey-fly-machine…, idiot!

Really, I saw my aunt use it with my uncle, he flew really far!

I wanna fly! Let’s try it, you remember how?

Yep, I saw my aunt put my uncle in this long trunk-like thing up front, and once he was in there she ran real quick to pull this thing here in the back which slammed on something and there was a lot of noise and he flew!

You might like to put your fingers in your ear then once you are up front in this trunk like thing!

Allright then, I’ll go get myself ready, I just climb in an cover my ears, right!

Yeah, you need to climb in in order to fly, my uncle didn’t cover his ears though, he was really busy gesturing something towards my aunt…


Do you really know how to use this? I mean having seen someone use it, doesn’t make you know how to use it – does it?

Shut up, just look through this window and tell me when Don is ready, there is nothing to it, it’s just a bit noisy!

I guess he is ready just gave the thumbs up…, you are really going through with this?

Sure, it’s his birthday and flying is his birthday wish, we do him a huge favour! Alright then, cover your ears I’ll go for it! 10,9,…er…


Yeah, 8,7,6,5…mmh


4… what the heck… 1:Happy Birthday, dude!



Wow he is flying, he really got what he wished for – amazing! Oooh look there is still some food left!…. Ted what are you doing, was the noise scaring you? Ted….Ted? Can you hear me?


Yep, …. he went really far… wow…! – Joe?


Joe, what did your uncle tell you about the flight and how it felt?

Dunno, man, haven’t seen him since he took off!



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