Be carefull of the pitfall at the summit of the naked-see-through-tent!

I’m new here and I do learn a lot, especially who will give me food, who has the best lap to sleep on, who will play the most amazing games with me and … what I am not supposed to do… like running up people’s legs (still don’t know why… )

One could say I have a pretty amazing day and that is true indeed! I do enjoy the company of my humans, and I really don’t like to see them leave which they occasionally do once in a while – well actually pretty scheduled…, but so far they always came back.

But once they are gone, I have the playground to myself and there is an amzing array of stuff for me to do here! I love my orange chair, it is my throne and it is from where I intend to rule the world when I’m grown up. I can see eerything from up here – ooh look a bird!


There is one really strange thing in my kingdom: it looks like a tent, but a bit see-through and people love to dress it. When it’s dressed I am absolutely not allowed to touch it and it is dressed most of the time. I did try to touch it when it was dressed and my humans were away, but somehow they knew I did it… still don’t know how they figuered that out.


Finally the chance arrived, my humans were gone, as scheduled, and this see-through-tent-thing was naked! Cool! I mean look at it there are those nice wooden things you can touch and they move and sometimes make a sound! There was one wooden thing right at the top which I wanted to try out, I had no plan on how to get there, but I got there really fast! And up there I could see even more than from my conquer-the-world-throne. My throne even looked quiet small from up here!


Maybe if I turn around I can even see more birds flying by or maybe there is even new stuff which I didn’t see before!

Maybe this can become my naked-see-through-conquer-the-world-tent-like-thing? That would be cool!

Maybe I could even dress it myself? – Birdfeathers would suit it quiet well!



Don’t exactly know what happened…, but somehow I am stuck!

Problem is there was a huge pitfall at the summit, no one told me about this! Now I know what the clothes on this tent-like thing feel! And it is not nice… believe me! Not nice at all! Holding on to this thing for their lifes! Those clothes must be quiet strong to endure this! It doesn’t feel good at all!

I guess I’ll try to return to my conquer-the-world throne somehow and do some planning on a save-the-clothes-hanging-on-the-tent-like-thing petition!

Please sign it once I’m done! If I ever get back to my throne… maybe someone could come by and help me down here – what about come by here real quick!!! NOOOOOOOW – PLEEEEEEEEASE!



Replies will be appreciated:

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