Wanted: skateboard or girlfriend – maybe even both!

I guess you can clearly see who of us has been working here the longest:

It all started when I was a streetdog strolling around in order to find something to eat. There is lot’s of food here in Thailand, but people don’t like us running in their houses or through the market in order to get our share. We have to wait till everything is closed or everyone is done in order to maybe get some food. Markets are a waste of time, once they are closed down, they are cleaned as well and those cats took it all as they are somehow allowed in there at anytime, stupid felines…

The best places to get really good food is where the tourists are, they only tend to eat half of the stuff they buy and the rest goes to waste, but how to get into the restaurants unseen? There always seems to be staff that chases you out and mostly you don’t mange to have something usefull between your teeth at that moment to take with you.

Anyway, a couple of month ago I came across this place, many tourists and basically no staff, there was an array of food on the floor and my stomach started to rumble like a thunderstorm. I decided to give it a chance and went in, the food was heavenly, meat, veggies, some bones everything a dog ould ask for – and no staff… I had a big feast!

Suddenly I realized that it was really empty and really silent around me and there were two feet right in front of me -not a good sign at all! I prepared myself for a major kick out and I mean a physical one! While I was trying to figure out how to survive this and keep all the yummi food in my stomach, I heard a gentle voice: “You did clean up really well, good boy!” I was a “good boy” again, I haven’t heard that in a long, long time – oh how I missed this! Say it again – please, just one more time before you kick me out! “Good boy! How would you like to work for me?” No kick! That really was unreal! I get referred to as “good boy” and offered work? I mean work that didn’t seem like work – cleaning up, guarding the place at night while having a fan to cool you and a nice floor to rest on – too good to be true! Needless to say – I love it!


But I never thought that keeping a place clean could be this much of work eventually, so right now I am teaching my friends how to do a good job here, so I can concentrate on the guarding and resting on the floor part while the fan will provide me with a stream of cool air.

I would like to go out once in a while to meet a girlfriend, but I need to hunt down a skateboarder, I need his toy in order to get somewhere, my feet simply won’t do it, but those guys are even faster than they used to be in my streetdog days – maybe I can get Blacky to chase one for me, he is still young, it shouldn’t be a problem for him…

And hey, if you have a good looking girl-dog who would like to meet an amazing guard-dog, bring her next time, I will treat her to an all inclusive menu and a nice place on the floor in the constant cold stream of the fan.

And if you have a skateboard please bring it as well, I really want to go out once in a while…


Replies will be appreciated:

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