How to hide not too obviously visible

If you live in an area where there are a lot of tourists who want to “discover” you, you have to learn how to hide. We don’t mean hide in the sense of really hide – like we do on our days off, when we really don’t want to be bothered by clicking cameras, but hide for…, well… how to put it nicely: “idiots”, sorry – no other word found here.

See it is really hard for us to do so, since hiding is a survival mechanism for us, but if you work in those safari resorts you only get payed if you are able to hide picturesquely and you get a bonus if your picture makes it onto social media. To achieve this, you should be visible, but not too obviously visible so it does make a great impression on the pictures. We got a proper education in doing so as we got started and learned: trees are your best friends as you are able to “hide” behind them visibly and be framed by wild nature at the same time. Don’t pick the big ones – we were told – as you should be hidden visibly. And the one with many leaves on the branches are not that good as well. The leaveless ones are all in the hands of the zebras, don’t go near them, they are quiet territorial when it comes to taking over “their” hiding spots!

In a way it is fun to hide obviously and pretend to not be visible while staring at the cameras. Honey how are you doing at the moment?

Kuzuko Kudu (3).jpg

Look at this, that is nearly perfect! Not too obviously visible hidden behind wild nature! But now we are working on factoring the light in. This is quiet advanced and we hope to pass this examen as well – my wife already seems to have the hang of it, she even got a glimpse of colour above her head! She truely has a sense of style – almost ready for her “properly hiding for tourists in the not too obviously visible way PhD!”

Kuzuko Kudu (8).jpg

Good thing they feed the lions here themselves, otherwise those would have a feast every day!

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