I really hate emails!

You know what is wrong with this so called digital age? Emails, emails instead of letters!

What do you mean, you can’t follow up on this? Let me explain, emails might be the new SMS and you don’t have to limit yourself to a certain amount of signs. Sure once sent they are already in the inbox of the adressee, but is this so convenient?

What happens if you push send and you didn’t want to send it at all, you can’t possibly unsend it, can you? With letters you get to at least poke in the letterbox trying to get your letter out, or you wait for the postman and try to talk him into digging through the pile and handing him your letter or you just go to the adressees door and try to hunt the postman down, before he delivers it… there are endless versions of “unsending” your letter.

But even if there is a chance to unsend an email, the expectation of the postman arriving is just lost – I mean there are even songs about “postmen” – look it up!


I personally don’t write letters nor emails, but I do love postmen and I do miss them – a lot!

There are various types:

The ones who see you and throw the letters over the garden fence and hit the road: good thing is, you get to take the letters to your folks and if there is some good news, you get a treat for sure – but you better go into hiding if you bring the invoices (I learned to smell, which are the “bad letters” – but somehow my folks seemed more offended by finding them “hidden” in the dirt than by me delivering them directly).

Then you have the ones, postmen, I mean, who just get the job done, they don’t seem bothered by the guardian of the house (and garden, of course)! Walk in, put letter into box, walk out… – kind of boring, but hey!

Then there are the running postmen, apparently they seem to train for a triathlon of the special kind: they see you, they start picking the letters out of their bag which belong to your folks (this is actually when they start sweating, so it must be really hard to find the right letters in your bag, I guess), then they start running around the corner of the house – and I of course follow, sometimes I talk to them – I mean you gotta greet a postman! – then somehow they disappear and all I ever see is them sprinting back from the front door and jumping over the fence. Quite amazing! I really wish them good luck at their upcoming competition!

Well, you could say now, why do you hate emails, your interaction with postman doesn’t seem too active and special and there is hardly mail for you personally.

But hang on, there is one type of postman I haven’t mentioned, yet: my favourite – he comes and sees you and shouts your name (well, it is not your given name, but the name he picked for you…) then he digs into his trouser’s pocket and hands you a treat or if you are  lucky he shares his lunch hotdog with you (and he licks off the mustard before he shares it, knowing that mustard really makes your nose tickle), then you get to bring him your favourite toy – and he makes you fetch it – not to get rid of you – he does so multiple times. I never know when he actually puts the letters in the box, but he sure is entertaining. Before he leaves he scratches you behind the ear – oh I dearly miss this postman!!!


Big time!!!

If you really want to do me a favour – please start writing letters again, well you don’t have to write anything on the paper exept my folk’s adress, but at least post them, post something, those envelopes can be empty – I don’t care, but I want my postman back! I do miss him, and just imagine – he has to eat all those hotdogs on his own – that’s not healthy at all! You don’t get to buy half hotdogs! Start writing – quickly!!!


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