Glossy magazines…

Yes, those are mine, all three of them and yes, they do have the same father, and no, none of us is blonde… NO I didn’t swap eggs (who does this anyway???)

Albino? Are you kiddin’ me? She is blonde not white!

Alright, I’ll tell you:

We decided to do something really special, you know how they say “do something that scares you everyday”. Our home is located near a small city and sometimes you see people walking in there and returning looking totally different, but still being the same person. We wondered how that was possible, so we decided to have a closer look and realized that the differences occured mostly around their faces, more precise it was their hair!

So my oldest and me, we decided to do some empirical research (the others didn’t seem to be that interested and stayed with their father – which basically means junk food all day and swimming in areas Mummy told them not to…).

We made our way to the city and found a house where – mostly women – went in and came out looking different. We sneeked in… and there it was a table full of glossy magazines and they did have pictures of our Royal Family in it – the Royal Swans swimming on a river – though somehow the photographer didn’t manage to take the shot without humans walking in the picture. I’ve never seen so many of them…Swans I mean… humans I have!


I was in heaven, finally a desk full of glossy magazines with the newest news about our Royal Swans!

There was a nice Lady interrupting me and asking whether my duckling should have a hairwash before she started – why not – I was really drawn to those magazines, well maybe a bit too focused on them as I probably answered every question with – sure or why not – and since my offspring did enjoy the procedure she was under  – I did enjoy the table full of glossy magazines (but the photographer really should learn to focus more on the important Swans).

The: “we are done!” came way too early, but somehow I couldn’t see my duckling, I mean it shouldn’t have been that difficult since obviously we were the only ducks in there, apart from a blonde one who sat on the chair (apparently there are ducks who send their offspring here alone – interesting) it was looking at me and started squeeking: Mummy, look!

I do admit it was my offspring’s voice, but it was most certainly not my offspring looking at me… did they swap her? But it was her voice, not her smell though – she smelled really weird – but her voice was right… “Mummy, that was so coooooool!” – again HER voice out of the WRONG looking duckling.


I mean what could I do? It was her voice and she seemed to know me… I couldn’t possibly say: who are you? Especially not when she jumped down from the chair and snuggled up to me: ” That was the coolest day, ever!” (that smell around her… weird)…

I decided not to think about it anymore and see her as my duckling, blonde – but mine.. she knew the way back to our home, she knew her sibblings by name and recognized her father – and the weird smell wore off quite fast, but she is blonde…

I still don’t know exactly what had happened, but I know I won’t read anymore of those glossy magazines when I’m off with my ducklings – you never know!


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