Regrets? I have a few – but one is kind of pending…

Look at me! Don’t I look amazing?! Right, I do! And what would you think I should be doing with those looks, besides finishing my food? Right! Look for chicken! I am a rooster in the best age and ready for adventures to come! Funny thing is, I need to finish one adventure first and don’t know how.

You know how at a certain point you get told: live life to the fullest, do what you want – go for it! And this is what I did! I dreamed of flying, big time and I did practice – a lot… and I mean a lot, I practiced that much that I got really skinny (no remarks on how I look now, please, I know I’m looking fabulous!). And at one day when I was practising my flying, a storm came and lifted me up! It was fantastic, I was flying, finally! I spread my wings and I flew, but no one had told me about landing, so I kept flying, no idea how to touch back down. I flew and I did enjoy it – no regrets there! So eventually I flew towards a wall and even without experience I knew: that will hurt – big time! I shifted my skinny body around just in time to make it through a dark passage trying desperately to find something to hold on to.

And I did find something, it felt quite familiar, like a tree branch, so I settled down on it and waited for the sun to come up again. And it did come up and I did sit on a tree branch, but noone told me how to get down from it.


I mean look at this, I’m really high up here… ooh no looking down! Apparently some humans took pitty in me, but they misunderstood my pleas for helping me down, all I got is food and here I am, sitting in a living room on a tree branch, surrounded by singing birds in cages (who are of no help if I ask them how to fly down – “just do it, they say!” – yeah sure!). But I do have hope – there is a treelike thing growing beneath me and this will be my way out! I have to be patient and I water and fertilize it regularly, hoping it’ll grow quickly! I really don’t want to spend my best rooster days on a branch in someones living room… surrounded by singing birds who won’t shut up!

Well, for the constant singing around my head I already found a solution: see those white things at the wall? If I touch those we’ll be surrounded by imminent darkness and they’ll shut up!


If you have any advise on how to get down here besides: “just do it” – or you have help-out-a-good-looking-rooster on your bucket list, find me! Follow the singing of the birds – I won’t switch of the light for the next few hours, please be quick!


Replies will be appreciated:

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