How did he move it?

Okay, just go around the corner, just walk out of sight, so I can finally try this baby out! I’ve watched you a million times on mainland Europe how to handle a car, I can do this! But you wouldn’t let me! So this might be my chance, vacation in New Zealand, human almost gone, but still in sight… just move around the corner – will ya! I want some doggy fun! I can still see you…-no, no, no you don’t have to return to the car now, I take care of the key, noooooooo!

Okay, got to use my secret weapon “doggy eyes” – now we go for the human subconciousness: foood, please bring me foooooood – I’ll love you even more once you got me a really nice (damn it what do they eat here – think!!!)… lamb chop! Yes, turn around, well done! Walk a bit further… well done!! Now go around the corner and in the supermarket!!! WELL DONE! – I love how this works!


Yes, it’s finally fun time for me, a big cardriving adventure is waiting – wait… where is the steering wheel? There’s none! Did my human take it with him? Didn’t know they make removable ones! Too bad – wait: there it is! But on the wrong side, who put it on the right side, it is supposed to be left! I finally managed to climb into pool-position and now… they moved it left! I can’t drive like this, can I?

Lost too much time he’s coming back,… ooh look: lamb chops – he bought me lamb chops – I really love my human. Maybe he shows me how to move the steering wheel to the left side…, so I can drive the next time!


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